Thursday, August 18, 2011

Eyelashes as Bambi....

Do you, like me and 1 trillion other woman, not have powerful and long eyelashes with volume, then read this.

I was introduced to a product called M2 lashes by my very good friend Katrin. I bought the M2 lashes  last time I visited her in Hamburg. It´s a serum you apply to the roots of the lashes one time each day.....and... hocus pocus....12 weeks after you got the most amazing eyelashes. 
The activating serum contains the key ingredient complex MDN*.  It was specially adapted for cosmetic applications from ophthalmology and for several years now has been used in a comparable form in the USA with great success. This modified and carefully dosed active ingredient stimulates the roots of the lashes, bringing about a longer growth phase while also creating fuller, stronger lashes.  

The price is 120 €, and you may think it´s very expensive,  but compare with eyelash extensions. A eyelash attaching costs around 160 €  and every 2-3 week you need a filling to the price around 60 €.  It´s not you own natural eyelashes, you spend a lot more money and time, and you have to take into account everything that you can´t do or must be cautious with when you have eyelash attaching. 

So I think it speaks for itself what i choose !

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